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Sounds Under Radio is the only unsigned band on the Spiderman 3 Soundtrack. The track Portrait of a Summer Thief will appear on the soundtrack. Contact is DanFriedman

Emo band Thursday and Island Records have parted ways.

Sony BMG UK are no longer accepting demo submissions in the form of CD’s. Instead, two websites were created so artists can post their songs and other media for consideration by the label.

They claim..

“100,000 new blogs go online each day at the moment, and the blogosphere is doubling every 230 days so it makes complete sense for the major labels to use the process in a creative way to encourage, discover and communicate with new artists,” Ged Doherty, chairman and CEO of Sony BMG UK and Ireland Music Entertainment, told Reuters.


This Sick Puppies album is good..really really good. No need to hype it, just stream the music here.

The White Tie Affair has signed to Epic, similiar to Panic at the Disco.

New Pop Music………………………….


Kate Perry
Marketing Profile:
playing off the tough girl ‘I don’t give a crapola’ attitude.
The color tones are PINK, ala Paris Hilton.
The story is she is a pastors daughter and began singing in church, ala Jessica Simpson
The Matrix, the songwriting/producing team behind behind Avril and Britney.


The Native Sibling
Brother-sister, singer-songwriter duo The Native Sibling from Santa Cruz are building an organic following. Their new EP was just featured as "New and Noteworthy...
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Kyau & Albert
Buzz Track: Are You One Of Us? Kyau & Albert just released the new single 'Are You One Of Us?' which comes off their forthcoming album. The preview of the...
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Artist To Watch: Kingsfoil
We've been posting Kingsfoil for the last 2 years because I've enjoyed your music, it's different yet melodic and catchy. Your new record is finally breaking th...
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