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Buzz Track: Ivory Tower

Secret Wish featuring Heidi are an electronic/pop duo building a buzz in Belgium. Check out the song Ivory Tower which was recorded by well known producer Patrick Hamilton. The duo has released one full length  “Flick of a Switch”.


Rising Star
Buzz Track: Heartbeat PRIME, an indie-pop rock band based in NYC will release their debut EP this April, the first catchy single being Heartbeat. The duo fall...
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Kings Picks
Step Rockets
Buzz Track: Heart Attack Again Kings favorite Step Rockets released a new song "Heart Attack Again". The band continues to build momentum after building a buz...
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Industry News
Michael Jackson’s A Cappella Demo For “Beat It” Is The Ultimate Proof He Was A Genius
via Buzzfeed He didn’t play instruments, so he wrote every song by singing all the parts to tape. It’s mesmerizing. This astonishing demo of “Beat It...
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Artist To Watch: Kingsfoil
We've been posting Kingsfoil for the last 2 years because I've enjoyed your music, it's different yet melodic and catchy. Your new record is finally breaking th...
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